In a short time, with its “Invincible” brand, SCM completed a full range of classic machines which allowed it to conquer all markets, making it a world leading producer. Right from the beginning, SCM established production systems that were based on the use of common standard components and units used for several models and thus laid the foundations for the concept of modularisation.

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L’Invincibile SI X
Double Tilting Top of the Line Sliding Table Saw
Invincible 7
L’Invincibile S7 Planer
Top of the Line 24" Planer
Invincible F7
L’Invincibile F7
Top of the Line 20" Jointer
L’Invincibile TI 7
Top of the Line Tilting Spindle Shaper
L’Invincibile TF 5
Top of the Line Fixed Spindle Shaper

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