Automatic planer and throughfeed moulder up to 6 spindles, available in four compositions with possibility to preset the profiling on the top horizontal spindle (option)

4-spindles automatic planer and throughfeed moulder with 10 mm profiling capacity by means of vertical spindles

Heavy Duty Moulder

SCM’s Objective Is To Offer The Customer High Quality, State-Of-The-Art Four Sider Technologies With A Large Selection Of Models And Configurations Available, Ready To Meet Any Requirement. Not Just A Solid Wood Moulder,The SCM Range Is Also Ideal Panel Products Such As MDF, Plastics And Other Similar Materials That Require Longitudinal Four Sided Machining. With A Range Catering For All Companies Of The Woodworking Sector, From Bespoke To Joiners To Large Component Machining, SCM’s Range Of Throughfeed Moulders Are The Ideal Solution For All Advanced Joinery.

Minimax Profiset 60EP

Minimax Profiset 40EP

Superset NT


With a range catering for all companies of the woodworking sector, from bespoke to joiners to large component machining, SCM’s Range of throughfeed moulders are the ideal solution for all advanced joinery.

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