Action P 3050 Case Clamp


Automatic Case Clamp

Action P 3050 Case Clamp


Automatic Case Clamp

The electro mechanical cabinet clamp action p with manual loading and unloading is the solution for the precise assembly of cabinets. With the touch screen monitor, it is possible to run automatic furniture pressing programs making it easy to use the clamp. The comb system guarantees a better quality with an effective pressing on the entire surface.
This electro mechanical cabinet clamp is suitable for all cabinet manufacturers, with medium productive volumes (up to 50 cabinets/shift).


Working Length

10ft, 8ft

Technical Data

Maximum side thrust Kg / Lb 1200 / 2,650

Maximum vertical thrust Kg / Lb 1500 / 3,300

Side table positioning speed mm/sec (in/sec) 109 (4.3)

Top table positioning speed mm/sec (in/sec) 96 (3.7)

Worktable height mm /in 620 / 24.4”

Minimum workpiece length mm /in 250 / 10”

Maximum workpiece length mm /in 2500 / 98.4”

Minimum workpiece height mm /in 250 / 10”

Maximum workpiece height mm /in 1200 / 47”

Minimum depth mm /in 250 / 10”

Maximum depth mm /in 800 /31.5”


Installed motor power kW 9

Usa- Canada Version Voltage /Frequency




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