Minimax s 45n Band Saw


Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

Minimax s 45n Band Saw


Professional band saw for woodworkers and craftsmen workshops.

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

Our longest selling bandsaw, the S 45N set the bar high for quality bandsaws. This machine has 18” cast iron flywheels,
and a large cast-iron table. With 12” resaw height it is also versatile to do either pattern work, or resawing operations! This
machine has been a reliable tool in the Minimax lineup for over 30 years.

Weight 472 lbs

Technical Data

worktable dimensions mm(in) 600 x 520 (23.62” x 20.5”)
worktable height from floor mm(in) 900 (35.44”)
cast iron saw wheels diameter mm(in) 450 (17.69”)
saw wheels rpm 700 (27.56”)
maximum cutting height mm(in) 300 (11.81”)
maximum cutting width mm(in) 440 (17.31”)
maximum worktable tilting mm(in) 0° ÷ 20°
minimum/maximum saw blade length mm(in) 3690/3742 (145.25”/147.31”)
minimum/maximum blade dimensions mm(in) 6 x 0,5/25 x 0,5 (0.25/0.94” width)
Single-phase motor mm(in) 2,2kW (3hp) 50Hz
exhaust outlet diameter mm(in) 120 (4.75”)
section of electrical cable mm2(in2) 4 (0.19”)
power absorption A 11
voltage – frequency 230V – 60Hz


Minimax S 45N – Dimensions

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