Minimax TW 45C


Entry Level Shaper

Minimax TW 45C


Entry Level Shaper

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Fixed Spindle Shaper
The Minimax TW 45C is a 4 horsepower spindle moulder, with sliding table and a fixed spindle. It is versatile and easy to
use, ideal for woodworkers and craftsmen. Featuring a standard 1.25” spindle with dual exhaust ports, T-slot on front of the
table, and miter gauge for angled cuts, flip-stops and eccentric clamp.
 Forward/ reverse-run switch
 T-Slot on front of table
 Micro-adjustable infeed and outfeed fences
 1.25” spindle standard
 Quick spindle lock for tool changes
 Dual exhaust outlets
 Tool set and manual included
 Miter gauge
 Two flip-stops
 Eccentric clamp

Weight 642 lbs

Technical Data

Technical data

tw 45c
Max. useful spindle length mm 100
Spindle moulder speed (a 50 Hz) giri/min 3500/7000/10.000
Max. tool diameter when profiling mm 210
Max. tool diameter lowered under the table at 90° mm 180
Max. tool diameter when tenoning mm 275
Three-phase motors starting from kW/Hz 5 (6) / 50 (60)

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