SCM Olimpic 500 HP

Original price was: $92,000.00.Current price is: $87,400.00.

Compact Full Servo Edgebander

SCM Olimpic 500 HP

Original price was: $92,000.00.Current price is: $87,400.00.

Compact Full Servo Edgebander

Pay a deposit of 5% per item


Automatic single-sided edge bander for the application and gluing of edges with hot melt glue on straight panels, on the four panel sides and the finishing and rounding-off of the panel corners.

Main frame made of bended and welded steel plates. Highly stiff and vibration-free structure. Openings with shoots for the removal of chips to the floor that are not collected by the dust extraction.

Top steel presser complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels mounted on bearings. Cover for wheel protection. Automatic lifting of presser from machine control.

Panel infeed area consisting of a support table and lateral guide for a correct panel insertion.

Light-signaling device positioned on the machine infeed side indicating the correct distance of panel insertion and the operating status of the machine, by different colors.

Top working units fixed on the presser, while bottom working units fixed to the horizontal beam for a precise reference with respect to the panel.

All frequency motors are equipped with inverter.

Safety cabin on the entire length of the machine with polycarbonate windows for the unit viewing during machining.

2 doors provide access to the working units, one for the gluing area and one for the finishing area. Doors have independent management of each other.

Exhaust outlets for the operating units are positioned on the top side of the safety cabin.

Control panel in an ergonomic position at machine infeed for an easy use from the operator’s working position

Electrical cabinet positioned inside the main frame with doors that allow an easy access in case of any maintenance operations. The cabinet is in conformity with the current safety regulations.

Panel handling by means of feed track consisting of pads coated with high friction rubber and ¾ link industrial chain.

Sliding of pads on two guideways, one round and one flat, to ensure straightness of movement and resistance to side loads.

Manual pads lubrication.

Panel support rollers positioned parallel to the track on the entire length of the machine with telescopic opening system and sliding plastic wheels with steel pivot pins.


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