Woodworker Crafts Amazing “Broken” Furniture That Looks Like It Belongs in a Cartoon

Craftsman Henk Verhoeff brings cartoons to life through his amazing woodworking projects. The pieces boast exaggerated silhouettes with giant cracks fashioned in the center of them, and the results look as though they belong in a Disney or Looney Tunes film. Best of all, these pieces are all completely functional. This makes their “damaged beyond repair” construction even more incredible, as it shows that fun and function can go hand-in-hand.

Verhoeff has been crafting wooden pieces for 53 years, first as a professional and now as a retiree. It’s clear that the medium is his passion and a way to express his creativity. And now with more time on his hands, he’s able to produce whatever his imagination comes up with—no matter how wacky it may be. This has led him to do things like add lighting, which gives his dressers the appearance that they have been struck by lightning.

The New Zealand woodworker starts his pieces without any detailed build plans, but he is meticulous during the construction process. He occasionally starts over if the details or angles aren’t right, and he adds a protective varnish as the final touch. All told, each piece can take anywhere from 80 to 100 hours.

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