OMAL was founded in 1986 in the heart of Brianza, a territory dedicated to the production of high-quality furniture, when the skilled craftsman Luigi Arnaboldi gave life to a woodworking machine shop.  In the mid-1990s they developed the first CNC machine for drilling, gluing and inserting dowels into panels in the furniture industry, and for solid wood in the window and door industry.

Omal HBD 1300 1H
Original price was: $60,910.00.Current price is: $52,000.00.
Top of the Line Drill & Inserter
Omal 1300 Cube
CNC Drill & Dowel Inserter with multiple spindles
Omal HBD 1300
CNC Drill & Dowel Inserter
Omal Velox 1300
CNC controlled drill & dowel inserter

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