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In Stock
Minimax FS 41ES
Meets the needs of the most demanding environments.
In Stock
Minimax FS 41C
16” jointer/planer combo machine
In Stock
Minimax FS 30C
12" jointer/planer
Minimax CU 410 ES
Fits the most demanding needs.
In Stock
Minimax CU 410E
The go-to machine for woodworkers.
In Stock
Minimax CU 300C
Short Stroke Sliding Table Saw
Minimax Lab 300p
1-phase, 3.4hp, 5.5' sliding stroke, 12" Tersa cutterblock (3 knives),...
In Stock
Minimax C 30G
Universal combined machine with all the Minimax quality
In Stock
Minimax C 26g
The most compact 4-in-1 combination machine available.
In Stock
Minimax FS41 E
16" Jointer/Planer

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