Combination Machines


Minimax’s Combination machines give you the quality and satisfaction of any SCM machine, at the unbeatable Minimax price. 

Minimax FS 41ES

Minimax FS 41C

Minimax FS 30C

Minimax CU 410 ES

Minimax CU 410E

Minimax CU 300C

Minimax Lab 300p

Minimax C 30G

Minimax C 26g

Minimax FS 41ESMinimax CU 410esMinimax cu 410eMinimax CU 300Cminimax Lab 300pminimax c30gMinimax c 26g

Meets the needs of the most demanding environments.

16” jointer/planer combo machine

12" jointer/planer

Fits the most demanding needs.

The go-to machine for woodworkers.

Tersa Head, 5.5' sliding table stroke

1-phase, 3.4hp, 5.5' sliding stroke, 12" Tersa cutterblock (3 knives), 1 1/4" shaper spindle, wheels for movement

Universal combined machine with all the Minimax quality

The most compact 4-in-1 combination machine available.

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