Based in Tuscany, Italy, Maggi Technology have traditions that survive through the centuries.

They derive from our arts and crafts, technology and every aspect of human activity, and are achieved through a successful combination of creativity and experience. Located in Certaldo, in the heart of Tuscany. It has been engineering and producing woodworking machinery since 1963. We began our business producing automatic feeders. Now, our range of products has widened to include radial arm saws and a line of multiple boring machines: technology for both handcrafts and industrial activities.

Steff 2048 Power Feeder
4 Wheel Power Feeder
Steff 2044 Power Feeder
4 Wheel Power Feeder
Steff 2038 Power Feeder
3 Wheel Power Feeder
Steff 2034 Power Feeder
3 Wheel Power Feeder
Maggi System 29
29 Spindle Construction drill
Maggi System 23
23 Spindle construction borer
Maggi System 21
21 Spindle boring machine
Maggi System 46 Double Row Line Boring Machine
The Maggi System 46 is expressly designed to execute holes...

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