SCM’s world famous joinery machines are divided into 3 Series.  nova, class and invincible.  the most popular line being the nova series with the right combination of power and price.  the class series, for users looking to upgrade to the next level of machine.  finally the world famous Invincible series that is second to none. 

Nova TF 110                   Class Ti 120                      Invincible TF5

Nova Ti  105                  Class TF 130                     Invincible Ti5

                                       Class TF 130 PS               Invinclible Ti7



Providing the Accuracy, Precision, and Superior Features, Needed for any project. Powermatic joiners provide the benchmark in quality, performance, and reliability.


Minimax is a world leader in its sector. It offers an extremely wide range of products – more than 50 models – which provide advanced hobbyists, small carpentry and joinery shops with professional machines that can produce high-quality products in small batches.

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