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In Stock
Omal HBD 1300 1H
Original price was: $60,910.00.Current price is: $52,000.00.
Top of the Line Drill & Inserter
In Stock
SCM Olimpic 500 HP
Original price was: $92,000.00.Current price is: $87,400.00.
Compact Full Servo Edgebander
In Stock
Powermatic 15 HH
Original price was: $4,499.99.Current price is: $4,199.99.
15" Helical Head Planer
In Stock
Sergiani GS 5’x10′ Solid Platens
Original price was: $69,520.00.Current price is: $55,000.00.
Highly versatile Hot Press

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Apartment Renovation

Above our office are two two bedroom apartments that are currently being rented.  When we found them, both were in terrible condition and left in

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Office Renovation

Here are some pictures from our office renovation.  When we first found the office it was completely destroyed.  The place had been abandoned for a

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Warehouse Renovation

Welcome to Allwood Machinery!! We are very proud of our building that we first purchased back in October of 2018.   We are still continuing our

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What's New

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